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Random Textbox Inputs
Region: Liberalia
Motto: "Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Map: No Map Available Yet
Language|Official Language(s): English
Capital: RTIopolis
Population: 2.079 Billion
Currency: Anarchist
Leader: Moonbeam Windchimes
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML


[edit] The Collective Insanity of Random Textbox Inputs

Random Textbox Inputs (usually abbreviated to RTI) is one of the most senior members of Liberalia, having held the seat of Prime Minister for one and a half terms in its history and is still active on the Liberalian political scene. A Liberalian since creation, RTI has held numerous offices and positions in the region and is currently serving as the Services Minister.

[edit] Early history

RTI arrived in Liberalia in early March, shortly after "Loslakiagate", and started becoming active in parliament and the off topic sections of the forum. He joined the Socialist Party shortly after entering the region, of which he became a prominent member quite quickly. Early allies included Mercuror, Carops and Timberlake, who recognised him as a dedicated left-winger.

[edit] April-June Term

During the run-up to the April elections, RTI was noted mainly for his strong criticism of the Right-Wing Coalition, especially its members Julio Trigman and Northern Sushi. He gave his full support to the Moderate party in the elections after analysing the situation. When the elections were over, RTI was promoted to Christmas Revolutionary, and appointed as Defence Minister in Carops' new Cabinet.

Apart from being famed for the amount of mudslinging going on at the time, the April elections are famous for having many Liberalians plot out their intentions for the next PM term shortly afterwards. The Socialist party, by now consisting mainly of the three members RTI, Mercuror and Timberlake, stated their intentions to place forward a candidate for the next elections. This was helped by the fact that after the Moderate re-election, the Socialist party was becoming a major political force in the region, and their members had gained a lot of power and influence (as well as RTI's appointment as Defence Minister, Timberlake and Mercuror had also gained high-ranking Cabinet positions).

However, this term would also mark the start of ongoing troubles in Liberalia, such as the UNFR Crisis, Casaibian's infamous departure from the region, and the ejection of Northern Sushi.

[edit] June-August Term

The Socialist Party had decided that RTI should be their candidate for the PM elections. Unfortunately, a few weeks before the elections, Mercuror disappeared from Liberalia for personal reasons. However, the elections were still a time for celebration, as supported by the Moderate and Liberal Parties. In what were described as the most boring and predictable elections in Liberalia history, RTI won a landslide victory as Prime Minister, gaining 18 out of the 19 votes cast, in a contest best described as "non-existent" against Haelhan. This was the first time that a non-Moderate had been elected as Prime Minister, and RTI quickly started off laying down his intentions for the next term.

This was, however, one of the most controversial terms in history. The first real crisis was when The Norse Clans, a puppet of North Cadia, closed down the Liberalian embassy in Esteria for what at first appeared to be no real reason whatsoever. Challenged about this, he proceeded to offer reasoning about Liberalia oppressing its former members (ie Casaibian). By this time, it was known that Casaibian was a member of the covert organisation MOIS Norad, and that he had many puppets in many regions. After statements made by The Norse Clans clearly established in the minds of many Liberalians that he and Casaibian were one in the same, RTI, sick of the constant attacks on Liberalia by MOIS Norad and backed by his Cabinet allies Timberlake and Carops, declared war on MOIS Norad. This was criticised by some Liberalians for not being sanctioned by Parliament first, but it was pointed out that under the Articles of Confederation (aka the Constitution), the power to declare war on foreign regions rested entirely on the Prime Minister. Several prominent members left the region after this, including Four Hectares.

[edit] Intel Breach

This sparked the next crisis in Liberalian history, referred to as the FAN Crisis, which happened because of the allegation made in Liberalian intel (that really shouldn't have been public in the first place, but Liberalian intel seems to be leaked a lot) that FAN was an intel feeder station for MOIS Norad, partly prompted by the fact that Trodenheim, FAN's defence minister, and Casaibian were one in the same (claims that the shared IP address was because the two were brothers were quickly dismissed). Although the Liberalian government was quick to reassure FAN that they didn't intend on going to war with them at all, the FAN government over-reacted and tried to steal intel from the Cabinet Chambers, using Atholon and Senorak Valley as spies, who were caught red-handed by Farlane and Curiaistan.

As the passwords had recently been changed anyway due to the departure of Four Hectares and subsequent showing up of intel in the UNFR, RTI declared a state of emergency and he, along with Cabinet allies, started investigating the leak. Also, a resolution granting RTI emergency powers went up before Parliament. Certain members, already angry with the alleged undemocratic declaration of war against Norad, furiously stated that this was all a transparent grab for more power and there was no proof that the event even happened (comparisons to Hitler were also made, although they've been forgiven now). Although screenshot evidence was provided, it wasn't enough for some people, and coupled with ongoing investigations pointing to other members (the innocence of which is still partly disputed), several high-ranking nations left the region. Others were suspended for their alleged involvement in the plot.

It was at this time that the region known as The Serenade was founded, to which all the prominent Liberalian criminals flocked, including Atholon, Loslakia, Northern Sushi and Julio Trigman.

[edit] Investigations

Investigations did lead to some information being found out, which has mostly trickled out since. At the time, though, there were criticisms of a lack of transparency in the situation.

After continuing investigations and attempting to ignore The Serenade (as they stated they had wanted to live in peace), RTI took two weeks off on holiday, conferring power to his deputy, Carops, and stating his intentions to NOT run for PM again.

RTI is still a popular figure in Liberalia, remembered fondly for his logical approach to situations, his dedication to the region and his friendliness towards the general populace.

[edit] Other Jobs

In the first Fernetti administration, RTI was put to work first as Recruitment Secretary and, after resigning in protest at Soccersian's leadership, was appointed as Services Minister by Fernetti. In the Fishyguy administration, he received the job of Speaker of the Parliament, and was awarded the Liberalian of the Term Award for his role. After that, he was appointed Foreign Minister in the second Fernetti administration, and received the top job of Prime Minister (although RTI chose to make himself known as "Acting PM" due to the fact he no longer had the energy, enthusiasm and time to spend on the region as he had had in the past) after Fernetti's resignation halfway through the term. He currently may well hold some position or other, but the new Cabinet has yet to be announced at the time of writing.

He now only appears as a stuffed tiger except to everyone except representations of 16th century Protestant reformists, and it is said that he writes far too much in autobiographies. He is currently leader of the Socialist party and a dedicated member of the Popular Front.

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